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My Final Reflection of EC&I 832 April 1, 2010

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As EC&I 832 comes to an end I would like to take this time to reflect upon my own personal journey through the ‘sandbox.’  This journey started with the question: How can educational technology support students’ learning? I felt that my compass points directed me to the LoTi level 2 –exploration phase.  My goal this semester was to move towards level 3 (infusion) where digital tools and resources would emphasize higher levels of thinking. 

When I first started this class I felt I new a variety of educational tools that could support my teaching and learning through basic skills such as math facts, spelling etc.  However with a new curriculum being implemented and the latest research on cognitive growth I was determined to reconsider my teaching approaches and the ways technology was used to support students learning.  As my new understanding of learning has evolved from our class readings, reading and responding to blogs and playing in the sandbox, I feel my understanding of how technology can support learning, has broaden. 

You can’t imagine what is possible until you try! This is how I felt during my second life experience.  Even though I was frustrated at times during the process, however the wealth of information and resources available on second life was astonishing.  I also enjoyed playing in the sandbox.  To actually sit down and take time to sift through the many Web 2.0 tools readily available, and focus on how to use each one effectively in the classroom was a great experience.  I have been able to network with many new educators through this process and have found some incredible blogs that share some tools to use in the classroom. The most influential on my horizon of understanding would be my reading and responding to blogs.  This process really inspired me to share my thoughts and learn from great educators how to use Web 2.0 tools as an integral part of a child’s learning experience. 

Lastly, I really enjoyed this class experience as a whole. Throughout the process, we were very much active learners and evaluating ourselves throughout the entire process.  Marnie was a great facilitator in allowing us to explore on our own and meeting our needs by providing different avenues to travel down.  A true constructivism model! Thank-you to everyone in the class, your experience and knowledge of technology has definitely broaden my horizons! I wish everyone well on their life-long learning journey!

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