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What Web 2.0 Tools Can Do For Us March 16, 2010

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The FischBowl article, “Sometimes This Stuff Amazes Me,” resonated with me because I am still amazed at the abundance of tools that are at our disposal.  When I needed to collect data for projects, it was paper surveys, handed out and tabulated by hand. Not only did you have to wait many days for the surveys to be answered, you didn’t have the numbers that you could possibly have nowadays.  Just like the example in the article, his daughter needed to collect data for a math project. He tweeted out to his community and on his blog for help and instantly got responses.  This world is different now days, which was a strong message in his article. I think we need to use these tools to their full advantage and utilize them in meaningful ways.  I also believe as educators we need to be in the know (what tools are available) and kept up to date with the tools and how it can be used effectively in the classroom.  I agree with Karl’s statement, “What can we do now (that is relevant and meaningful for students) that we couldn’t do before?” needs to be in the forefront of our teaching.  EC&I 832 was and is a class that has definitely helped me see the  potential technology has on learning in the classroom.  The final project is a showcase of how technology can be used in many different settings.  My Inuit project could have been the same as it was always done before; however after having a chance to play in the sandbox, I know my Inuit project is more than just a project, it is a project that has been redesigned with the help the web 2.0 tools.  My students have become more engaged and are excited to showcase their learning in a new way.  And as Karl put it, “Sometimes this (technology) stuff amazes me!”



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