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Education and Copyrights March 8, 2010

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Legal Quicksand of the Internet

        I chose this adventure to familiarize myself with the different forms of copyright.  Even though I have heard of some of the forms (creative commons) I never realized the extent of copyright on the internet.  I now feel guilty all of those years I have been posting pictures from Google images and had no idea about the copyright on them.  Well I spent the last couple of days viewing and learning about the different forms of copyright.  David Warlick made the point on his site, “One of the most important lessons that we can teach our students about Net-based information is the concept that information is property.”  http://landmark-project.com/permission1.php

After sifting through the information on copyrights and terms associated with it (creative commons, mashup, copyleft) I feel I have gained a better understanding of each of the concepts. One concept that I had never heard of was mashup. Mashup is a term to “describe a web application that combines data or technology from several different sources.” http://www.britannica.com/bps/additionalcontent/18/31613324/Make-your-own-mashup-maps.  Mashups have been popular in the music industry.  I guess it has helped some music artists with their career, improving record sales, expanding the group’s listener’s base and of course media attention.  From my understanding Mashups is some form of expression-without the permission of the copyright owner.  Along with mashups come questions about privacy and the ethics of sharing or borrowing information from online sources.  However, according to Judy O’Connell’s blog it stated, “For teaching purposes Screenlights licence lets you record short extracts from television and radio, and create a compilation. Students can also make a fair dealing with a work for the purpose of study, or criticism or review.” http://community.enhancetv.com.au/forum/topics/is-doing-the-mashup-a In the end, it is important for teachers and students to be aware of these different types of copyright laws and to understand its implications for such activities as Internet research, downloading programs and documents, creating websites and so forth.  Now that I am more aware of the Fair Use, and  copyright guidelines, I can provide students with better support.

Alec Couros has some videos on media literacy and technology posted on his blog called Open Thinking.


One Response to “Education and Copyrights”

  1. Michelle VG Says:

    I too, am very guilty of copyright infringement in a previous life – until I got to the position I have now.

    Even then, there are so many grey areas it almost takes a lawyer to figure things out. For example, I wanted to obtain permission to use a film clip in a course but it seems every company involved with the film not longer exists to ask permission.

    And I find even using a simple cartoon can cost $800! We have a very talented graphics designer who will create a cartoon based on the inspiration of the costly ones.

    My most valuable searches happen at this website:

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