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Education 2020 March 7, 2010

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I just read a past article on Teacher Paperless about 21 things that will become obsolete in Education by 2020.  If you haven’t checked out, it is a very quick and interesting read.  I can definitely see maybe desks, paperbacks (I love my new amazon kindle I just bought!!!!), and homework on their way out, however there are many that I question.  One I question is parent/teacher conferences.  As much as I dread that night, parent/teacher conferences is a time to connect with parents.  It becomes a very different feeling from when you talk on the phone or email with a parent versus meeting them face to face.  Moving towards a virtual reality scenario, teacher paperless believes we will “become closer than ever as a result of virtual communication opportunities,” I think we will definitely be communicating more using different tools, but in the end which one is “better” meeting over Skype for instance or meeting face to face?  Or in end is it the same?  Do you get the same point across using either method?  Is meeting face-to face more sincere than using a virtual communication tool?

It will be very interesting to see what comes true out of this list and what will remain come 2020.  What will education look like in 2020, which in reality is just around the corner!


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