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Major Project: New Technologies I Have Been Working With February 26, 2010

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            I am attempting to redesign a unit of study on The Inuit.  I would like to provide new opportunities for learners to explore this topic as well as for my learners to interact with other learners beyond the classroom.

            The first part of my project will begin on Monday.  The first lesson created for this unit will be using the Smart Response system.  Before I begin a topic I usually do a quick anticipation guide to find out their background knowledge on the subject.  This is usually a true and false questionnaire.  I have decided to use the same idea, but instead of using paper and pencil I have created the questionnaire using Smart Response. 

            This is the first time I have used Smart Response in the classroom and as I was making up the questionnaire I can definitely see the benefits of using this in the classroom. The main benefit I see is the data the Smart Response collects for you on each question.  Right after the students have answered the question, you get results on the next page.  You can choose student view, where you can see what each student answered, or a general view, where you see just the results.  Having results tabulated instantly allows for further discussion on certain questions and you can see right away what needs to be further explored or what the students already understand. 

After I get an idea of what the students are interested in, I have created a tour using Google Earth.  I will show the tour to the students, so they get a better idea of what life is like in the Artic. I have set up the tour to stop at major tourist destinations and important cities/villages in Nunavut.  I have also added links, where we are going to compare and contrast our communities.  Hopefully this tour will guide the students to choose a topic they would like to further explore for their Heritage fair project.


2 Responses to “Major Project: New Technologies I Have Been Working With”

  1. gatinb Says:

    I think this would be a great tool to use in my classes as well for grammar/vocab quizzes but I wonder if there’s a way that you can check the scores?

    • leahdewhurst Says:

      Yes, you can check scores at the end of the assessment or during the assessment. Smart Response collects data of your students and tells you the percentage of how the did on the quiz. Right after the assessment students are able to go back through the quiz and check to see what they got wrong or right.

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