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Google Earth February 18, 2010

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I have been working on Google Earth for my project.  It has been a fun and frustrating adventure.  I can definitely see the value of Google Earth in the classroom.  As I have playing around with the different tools I have been discovering the wealth of information that it actually provides.  I have discovered within Google Earth is the moon view, which has videos, links, pictures.. .you name it, it has it!!!  What a great resource.  Have to remember this for next year!

I am still working through Google Earth and making a tour for my Inuit unit.  I marked all my places on the map and then discovered the layer option which you can add photos and links.  So needless to say, I am still exploring.  I am hoping to create a movie of the tour if I can actually get to that point.   If anyone has done a tour or knows how to add neat things to the tour please let me know. 


2 Responses to “Google Earth”

  1. Michelle VG Says:

    I have been experimenting with Google My Maps – I can identify with the work involved and frustrations. I wanted to add Voicethread links to make the tour more interactive and have a place for students to add thoughts. I could only get the link to work but wanted to embed the VoiceThread which seemed to work then didn’t (if that makes sense).


  2. gatinb Says:

    This would be an awesome way for kids to grasp the content. I think this sounds like a fantastic project!

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