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Searching For Web 2.0 Tools for a Primary Classroom: DomoNation February 17, 2010

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I have been on the hunt for some Web 2.0 tools that could easily be used by primary students.  One that I have been looking at is called DomoNation.    This site the students can create an animations/movies of their choice. What I like about this site, is ease of use. Primary students will definately get the gist about adding characters, features and actions to their slides.  I will definately get my students to try it out once we are back in school from winter break.

Right now we are studying conflict resolution in Health and instead of creating our usual posters or brochures etc. I am going to have my students create a scene explaining how to solve some kind of conflict (example, playing fair during recess).  Stay tuned to see their creations.


One Response to “Searching For Web 2.0 Tools for a Primary Classroom: DomoNation”

  1. Michelle VG Says:

    I haven’t heard of DomoNation. Let me know how it goes. I noticed that when I clicked on multi-media – I got a pic that may not be OK for primary grades (naked dude). Not sure if the pics rotate or not but you may want to see if that happens to you before you try it out with a class of primary surfers. 🙂

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