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My Adventure on Second Life Part 2 January 24, 2010

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My adventure on Second Life began by meeting my EC&I 832 group at our home base.  Now that I had some experience working with my avatar I found this adventure more worthwhile.   I found trying to control my avatar and not wanting to get lost from the group (thank goodness for teleporting) was at the front of my experience.  I think this feeling kept me from being immersed in the experience of Second Life as I was afraid to move around and explore what was out there. Once I spend more time playing around; I will be more comfortable using Second Life.   However, on the flipside I can see the potential that second life has for educational purposes.

I never realized the potential of Second Life until we were discussing what Second Life has to offer.  Second life feels very immersive because the environment is realistically modeled and I felt that I became an active part of that environment.  When we toured the Exploratorium, and had the chance to look through telescopes, learn about eclipses and watch videos about space, I felt this environment to be very realistic, engaging and a great learning activity.  Our journey continued too many different islands where we got to experience, ancient cities, Shakespeare’s globe theatre, optical illusions and of course why not end the journey at the local Irish pub. 

By experiencing all these different islands, Second Life definitely demonstrates some teaching and learning potential.  Moving throughout ancient cities that allow us to see in three dimensions and seeing these cities as they were once like, to even the more traditional classroom to where you can sit and discuss different topics.  I can see the educational possibilities are numerous and varied.    My question remains, what are the realities of using Second Life as a teaching tool?   That area I would like to still explore and find more information.


One Response to “My Adventure on Second Life Part 2”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Hi Leah. Thank you for your post. Our Second Life experience opened my eyes to a world I did not know existed. At first I felt uncomfortable in this new environment but, as I began to explore, I started to feel more comfortable.

    Like you, I am pondering a similar question in relation to determining how Second Life or Teen Second Life might be used as a teaching and learning tool within my environment. I have no answers yet but perhaps we can explore this together as our learning continues.

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