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On the Deeper Connections Built Into Throw-Away Questions January 20, 2010

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As we try to push our students to strive for deeper level questioning and building deeper level connections, maybe we do need to step back and look at those simplistic “throw away questions” to engage our students to strive for that deeper level of blooms taxonomy.  That is why I enjoyed reading this blog post by Faire Alchemist

          I too, had and have moments in my classroom where a simple question turned into a deeper connection for my students.  Maybe my grade 3 students are not using twitter or delicious accounts to develop those connections, however google has found its’ way in my classroom and seems to be a permanent screen on my smartboard.  We are studying about the solar system and such simple questions about the topic have turned into great debates or have had the students start to deepen their questioning skills (especially over the dwarf planet Pluto).  In the process of searching for the answer, I find we forget where we even started from and in the mean time have learned so much more. Thanx Google!!!!

I definitely agree with the following quote from the article, “For we are living in an age in which questions themselves — questions of all varieties and supposed levels — are capable of tapping into links far beyond whatever our initial thought or intention of the question originally was.”  I find this happening in my classroom, and now that we have the technology at our finger tips, we can easily search and find the answers quickly.  I often wonder what I would do, if google was not available!!!


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