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Out of the Loop March 25, 2008

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It feels as though I have am out of the loop.  Last week I had missed both EC& I classes due to PTC’s and of course my laptop decided it had enough.  So I have been waiting patiently for parts to arrive from Dell, and after a new fan, motherboard and hard drive I think I am all set to go.  I have lost a lot of documents, but I have also learned a valuable lesson of backing up my stuff.   Through this process I feel as though I have learned a whole new aspect to technology (how to fix broken computers)… mind you… I think I will have to give a lot of the credit to Dell support!!!

So now I am back in the game.  I was glad to see over the weekend about 7 of my students started blogging from home.  I also had some great comments from PTC’s, parents found it a great way to keep on top of what their child are learning and to share with other family members.


2 Responses to “Out of the Loop”

  1. lgatzke Says:

    Good reminder to back everything up Leah.

  2. marlene gillanders Says:

    Leah, I’m glad to hear you have your laptop up and running. It’s funny how one can become so addicted to technology!
    Students continuing their blogging on the weekend and responses from parents show s that you have a good rapport with your students and parents, Leah.

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