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In the News March 20, 2008

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Today in the news a 41 year old man was charged with abduction, when police found him with a 14 year old girl. They had met on a chat site on the internet. The girl was voluntarily running away with this man.

The key to this situation: parental education and involvement. The RCMP had noted that parents need to be educated about the internet and need to be aware of what their children are doing. If you need to know whats available or what kids are into these days,  ask teenagers whats on the internet, they will gladly tell. Every generation seems to know more and more about the different tools on the web. Cindy has created a great parental wiki for our final project with information for parents. Even though, we have seen less or have heard less of these certain types of cases, the need is still there to educate the children about internet safety.

This situation reminded me of the parental concerns that I had when I set up my classroom blog. One of the comments was, “I teach my children not to talk to strangers and now you (the teacher)  says it’s ok.”  This conversation was in regards to blogging with U of R students.  I responded by saying this type of blogging is very controlled.  I have personally gone to meet with the students and they all have had criminal record checks.  The purpose of the U of R students blogging with my students was to help with their writing and to give them an audience.  I have also educated my students about talking to others, that we don’t give out any personal information, etc.  I can definitely see where parents are coming from and the key to address some of these issues is through education.


3 Responses to “In the News”

  1. rdrunner Says:

    Thanks, Leah, for mentioning the wiki. I know there are lots of other resources that can be added to the wiki. I encourage anyone to join and add good resources for parents and for teachers. Click http://parent20.wikispaces.com to join and contribute, or peruse the resources that are there already.


  2. Rosanne Says:

    Thanks for the link to Cindy’s site. Lots of useful information.

  3. lgatzke Says:

    I was away when this story broke and read it in the paper only last night. I was shocked. My first thought was that this abduction took place in small town Saskatchewan. It gave me a wake up call to once again discuss this with my teenage children. Our class discussions, along with this incident also alerts me to the importance of parent education. I’ll be setting up sessions for parents at my school in the near future.

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