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Choice Fatigue March 20, 2008

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Due to PTC’s I was unable to attend Tuesday’s session with Darcy Norman and Brian Lamb.   As I was listening to the recording the saying “you learn something new each day” held true once again.  I have heard the word folksonomy many times in this course and it has finally made some sense now.  The simple definition: how people sort things out makes a whole lot of sense now. 367600665_bc91fe672e_m.jpg I found this great picture that sums up folksonomy, courtesy of Flikr.

Another topic that interested me was about choice fatigue ( I think that’s the perfect word for it)  I always find myself with that problem.  It is hard to leave a tool for something else.  However I think this course has open me up  to the many different tools available through the web.  The blog “50 Ways to Tell A Story” showing the different tools that could be used, is a great example of what can be done.  Not necessarily so we need to do all 50 ways, but it gives us choices. All the new tools are not for everyone. What is good and what works for me, doesn’t necessarily work for the next person.  There are an abundance of tools , and again we as educators need to “play” around with them to suit our needs and the needs of our class. 


2 Responses to “Choice Fatigue”

  1. Dave Bircher Says:

    I am glad I asked for a clarification of folksonomy because I was lost! However, the definition provided sure helps. Also, a taxonomy I believe is how we describe a traditional library sorting things out as well.

    I like the idea of choices so we can decide what works best with a particular group of students.

    I am trying to get Voicethread going with my grade 12’s. Please send me some tips as well. I welcome your ideas.

    Feel free to post a comment on an issue in my Law 30 blog.

  2. angiebalkwill Says:

    Leah – I truly enoy reading your blog because I can relate so freely. The idea of play time is often shunned in school (especially middle years and up) however, it is so necessary. We cannot not expect to give kids manipulatives to use without having some time to play with them first. This holds true for technology. Kids want to play in order to learn. Maybe it’s time we need to splash though the puddles in our best clothes and get a little dirty (or a lot!).

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