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Global Citizens March 8, 2008

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Clarence Fischer spoke a very powerful presentation last Tuesday.  His words definately hit home with me when he was encouraging his students to become responsible global citizens.  The social networking is now allowing our students to authenically experience life on other parts of the world.  They not only get to see and hear how others live their life but to collaborate and learn from one of another.  What a great experience this is for our students to get a real authentic experience, something they can’t get out of a text book.  I know my students are enjoying being penpals with students from Thailand. They have learned so much about them, and they will now learn so much more now that we are blogging with them. 

It was also amazing to see the powerful connections Clarence’s students made in regards to the Nata Village Blog.  What more can we give to a student than a real authentic experience, something that they can have their own voice and truly make a difference.  

                          “The more of us together; the more powerful we can be!”



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