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Digital Project March 8, 2008

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This was the first full week I had the my classroom blog up and running.  What an incredible experience it has been for my students and I.  Each of my students each have their own blogging buddy which has encouraged them to become better writers.  The students  were also excited to have received random comments from grade 2 students from Bengough, Saskatchewan.sk_2000203.gif 

My students were eager to write back to them. Now I find myself trying to find some more time to give them a chance to not only communicate with their blogging buddies but to make general comments to others. 

This classroom blog has also sparked an interest in geography.  With clustermapsattached to my blog, my students are so excited to see when a new “dot” has appeared. We are learning about all the different countries in this world. So far we have had visitors from Australia, Italy, Thailand, Europe, United States and Canada. What a great way to teach a quick simple geography lesson.

Can’t wait to see what next week will bring 🙂



3 Responses to “Digital Project”

  1. see…that’s authentic – learning about countries because of a genuine interest – not because it’s time to study the Pacific Rim!! I’m sure you’ll continue to have great success Leah…best of luck!

  2. Cool to see your class making connections through their blogging.

  3. This is the link to our grade 2&3 class. We’ll be starting next week.
    I’ve added your class blog to their contact list.

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