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Share Everything March 1, 2008

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Dean Shareski shared his thoughts on technology in education this past Tuesday.  He explained his journey into connected learning by telling of the 5 BIG ways to building a network: Get personal and selfish, PLC on steroids, consider your composting rating, have fun and share everything.  Some of the important ideas I took away from this session was making it personal, having fun and sharing everything.  I have always had a personal interest in technology ever since I had moved overseas.  I had stumbled across skype, which was a blessing while overseas as it made my phone bills less expensive, or shall I say manageable.  I also had to come up with away to share photos of my journey.  Now a days, there are abundance of photo sharing tools on the web. 

Having fun…. technology these days is suppose to make our lives easier…. I think once we actually spend the time to figure these new tools out… in the long run I think it will make our lives easier.  Building a network has become fun for me. Even though my network is small, I have met some incredible people that have inspired and gave me some wonderful ideas.  These people are willing to share and help one another out, which has been very important to me.  So as Dean mentioned… SHARE EVERYTHING and be proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Share Everything”

  1. One of the most amazing things I found about the other educators on the web was how willing they are to share. I’ve been on a blog and read or saw something terrific. I contacted the educator and asked for information then the next thing you know they’ve sent me all the information I asked for.
    I’ve now been the one asked for information and advice which has been great. I alwasy make sure to answer back as soon as possible and help out.

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