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Digital Projects February 27, 2008

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Tonight was a great session to hear about all the digital projects going on in our class.  The diversity of each one demonstrates our growth in the field of technology and how we can use this in our classroom. Our students / parents will greatly benefit from it.  These projects will also help promote technology in the classroom and more and more teachers may see the benefits it could have.  I know in my school, teachers are seeing the advantages and are excited when I share these new tools with them.

2008-02-27_23041.pngOn another note: I just got confirmation on a virtual field trip that I will be taking my grade 2 students on.  The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller offers virtual field trips through video conferencing.    I am very excited that my students get to participate in this experience. They will get to meet a junior scientist and ask them questions about dinosaurs.  The school division is also excited that this is happening as they have been trying to find and show ways to teachers how they can use the video conferencing units in the classroom. 


7 Responses to “Digital Projects”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    That’s great! I’ve forwarded the information regarding a virtual field trip to our science teacher. He would love to do something like this. Thanks for the info.

  2. roadrunner Says:

    Hi Leah. Check out this page from our district for more video conferencing ideas. Be sure to scroll through the whole page – some are local and full but most are from outside our district.


    Thanx Cindy, that page does offer some cool video conferencing ideas. I sent that to the ed tech guys in our division. They are looking for ways to help teachers incorporate video conferencing in their classrooms. I really like the idea of meeting an author.

  3. Thanks Leah, very interesting. It’s amazing to know that the technology of video conferencing, is being used in grade 2 classrooms!

    At Batipi, we offer online conferencing services, which require internet connection, and computer (and web cam, if including video). If their any projects we can assist with in future, please feel free to get in touch.

    David Corcoran
    VP Sales- Batipi

  4. Connie Cossar Says:

    That sounds very cool, Leah! I had no idea there was such a thing! When I taught in Gull Lake SK, something like this would have been great since we were pretty isolated there. We were fortunate to take a large end of the year field trip to Regina for Mosaic (which tied in great with the grade 8 social curriculum), go to LaserQuest and to the Royal SK Museum.

    Look forward to hearing how your virtual trip goes!

  5. Nice idea, Leah! How did you find out that the virtual field trip was offered?

  6. Dean Miezianko Says:

    Leah, keep me posted on how this goes. I would like my staff to try if it goes well.

  7. Very cool. I have often wondered about virtual field trips and if any existed. Has this taken place yet? Did it work out well?

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