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Classroom Blog February 23, 2008

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Well my classroom blog is up and running.  This past week I had my students blog for the first time.  To manage the time I had them type in a word document, then I did the cut and pasting into the actual blog.  I found this to work very well.  I questioned myself on how long it would actually take them to type out one sentence, but to my surprise, they are quite the litle typers.  Even though they type with one finger, they all seem to have knowledge on where each of the letters are.  Some of my students “froze” and had no idea what to type (even though they could write a page in their journal), why others, if time allowed, would type all day long.  Right now I think I can manage the students to blog once a week.  During center time I have a list of students who will blog during that time.  It also helped this past week when it was indoor recess, as I had some blog during that time.  I also had a great discussion with my students on internet safety and why we put their names in code.  I don’t think they really realize how many people can access the blog.  I put a clustermap on our classroom blog and from that we see where people are viewing our classroom blog from. I think this map is putting it into perspective of  what kind of audience we have. 


 The parents have all been very supportive with the classroom blog.  They found it another way to keep up with what is going on in the classroom (just as I planned). I definately had some phone calls in reagrds to safety.  Once they actually took a look and realized their kids names were in code and I will never associate a picture with their name, they seemed to be ok with it. 

 Each day I look forward to updating the blog and sharing our activities that we had done.  I used photostory 3 to post my germ presentation.  My students came in the next day singing the song I had put with the pictures, so I know parents have made it a part of their nightly routine to view the blog. 


4 Responses to “Classroom Blog”

  1. roadrunner Says:

    Hi Leah. It was wonderful to see your class blog. I enjoyed reading the student’s comments. Let me/us know if you would any responses to your students – particularly if they post something that is special to them.
    Don’t forget to add your site to the Participant Directory in our class wiki.

  2. Shaun Loeppky Says:

    Great example of the use of blogging for elementary (hurray!)

  3. kibrown Says:

    Hi Leah,
    Welcome to the world of classblogmeister. When I started a year ago my parents were very supportive even if they weren’t exactly sure what we were doing. Parents began to read the blogs and comment to the posts. We had aunties and grandmas commenting as well. As we’ve grown as bloggers so has our online community and now we have comments from around the globe.
    Good luck and have fun, Kimberly

  4. tammysillers Says:

    Hi Leah,
    I think you’ll soon find that the kids will have plenty to write about! I know I’ve heard several educators speak to the power of the authentic audience to spur on those students who “had nothing to write about”.

    So cool that the parents are getting on board too…makes it even more meaningful!

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