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WOW 2.0 Edtech Talk February 20, 2008

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Last night I listened in on WOW 2.0 Edtech Talk.  It was a great experience, listening and chatting with teachers and admin from all over.   I felt overwhelmed as I entered the room for the first time, wondering how these sessions work,   but it was great to see others from our class and a great way to network. 

 Some of the discussion topics brought up were they same ones, as we have been talking about in our class.  How do we motivate and get teachers to use the new tools in the classroom?  What role does the administration play? 

 I believe most teachers want to know how and are eager to learn, but need to see it in action. Right now we might perceive these new tools as an “add-on”, but need to see the full benefits it could have in the classroom.  I am definitely seeing the benefit in my classroom.  The whole idea of an authentic audience has taken a new roll.  Just last night as I was attempting to add more features to my classroom blog, I had emailed the tech service for advice and they ended up commenting on my voicethread I had made with my students.  This got around and more educators that use this blog site  were emailing me and asking where they could find my “Naughty Little Doggies” story.  My students felt once again, very famous. 

Some points from the discussion that I took with me; we are not just teaching a curriculum anymore.  We need to create an atmosphere of learning/sharing and working together.  Technology is here to help make our job easier. Yes, we as teachers need time to play to see these full benefits, but I think as the word spreads we will begin to see more technology being used in the classroom.  As I take this course, I am now spreading the word in my school, and I have seen other teachers come to me to ask how I used some of these tools. 

So I have to thank Alec Couros for letting me know about this Edtalk. It was a great way to network and find out whats going on.  It was nice to see that one of the presenters was a principal from rural Saskatchewan. 


2 Responses to “WOW 2.0 Edtech Talk”

  1. roadrunner Says:

    Hi Leah. Thanks for sharing the experience – with the time difference and a Board meeting it was over when I got home.
    We’ve been talking in our district about just-in-time, job-embedded professional development. I think this is what you are seeing in action with the teachers in your school – readiness is evident when teachers see and want to try for themselves.
    congrats and keep up the great work!

  2. Alec Couros Says:

    Thanks for participating in these sessions, Leah. I hope you find value in these sessions and connections long after this class is over.

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