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Digital Project Part 2 February 14, 2008

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I just received the pass code for my school and have started my classblog at the following site:


It’s still looking quite bare as I am trying my best to find my way around the new blogging site.  WordPress is definitely an easier tool to change things.  I am very excited to start this project and looking forward to see how my blog progresses throughout this term. 


4 Responses to “Digital Project Part 2”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    Leah, could you explain what you mean by a “pass code”? Can’t we just create a blog like we did for this class. I created my class blog using WordPress but I’m trying to figure out how to add my students to the user list. It will all come together. What you have looks good so far. Good for you for trying a different format. Look forward to seeing what your students will post.

  2. lgatzke Says:

    I too am using a different tool. I’m using our school space for my class blog. It has its challenges but I learn as I do. It will come together. My link is on our participant directory.

  3. I believe your blog will be a very good tool for teaching and learning.
    I really enjoyed your voicethread.

  4. Kimberly Brown Says:

    I love my class blog. I’ve been using it since February 2007. I’m sure you’re going to find so many opportunities to use it with your class.

    @Rosanne. David Warlick, the blog creator, gives out school codes hoping to ensure that only schools use classblogmeister.

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