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Digital Project February 11, 2008

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I have finally decided on a digital project.  I will attempt to set up a class blog, where students will share their thoughts and as a class we will share some of our daily activities.  Kathy Cassidyhas been a great help in sharing her successes and helping me get set up.  I am waiting on a pass code for my school to set up a blogmeister account and I am hoping to pair my students up with students from the U of R. 

The purpose of my blog is to gain an audience for my students.  I have already seen great success in our voice thread project.  The parents have all responded with great comments and have encouraged my students to write more. 

I am still trying to figure out timing and when the blogging will occur, different tools to learn but once things are set up, all in all this will be a great learning experience for both my students and I.


2 Responses to “Digital Project”

  1. Dean Miezianko Says:

    Sounds like a great project Leah. Kathy is a phenomenal resource. I’ll be curious to hear how your students enjoy interacting with those from the U of R. Good luck.

  2. Corey Terry Says:

    Leah I set up a class wiki, so I think your on the right track, my students certainly enjoy the wiki in construction 10. Good luck1

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