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New Learning Tools February 5, 2008

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George Seimans and Michael Welsch’s podcast was very thought provoking.  Mind you, these days I think everything is in regards to technology and the learning tools that are out there.  Their comments on how to “buy-in” educators to these new tools, were so true.  As educators we need the time to explore and “play” around with these new tools to see their benefits.  I like the idea that they presented that we should use these tools during pd opportunities.

By taking this course, I am buying in these new tools for learning.  I have started using them in the classroom, and seeing the benefits it has.  I have also had the support in learning them and know where to turn if I have a question. They were exactly right with this quote ” the affordance of a tool is not realized until its used.” I didn’t realize the possibilities of voice-thread, until I have actually  tried it.


5 Responses to “New Learning Tools”

  1. Shaun Loeppky Says:

    I teach in a specialized behavioural classroom. I am looking for some of these tools in my context (grades 2- 6), 8 kids.

    Voice thread intrigues me. I’ll explore it further!

  2. lgatzke Says:

    Your word “support” is key in my mind.

  3. angiebalkwill Says:

    Your enthusiasm is contagious! No wonder your students are are benefiting. My battle currently lies with selecting a few tools to try instead of doing it all. I feel like a kid in a candy store at times!

  4. […] I was reading Leah’s blog and she was commenting on Voicethread and the success she had. I first need to acquaint myself with […]

  5. Alec Couros Says:

    Just a quick note, Leah. When you refer to media (like the podcast) or another person who has a blog, it is great if could link to it. People outside of this group wouldn’t know what you are talking about otherwise,

    Try to think about your text as being interactive, try to link to places of importance (blog posts, media, etc.)

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