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History of Technology and Voice Thread Part 3 January 31, 2008

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Last nights presentation with was very informative. I was neat to see how educational technology has evolved from the start until now.  I liked how he made us recall our fondest memories of educational technology, where my earliest memory was the film strips and learning how to type on the compaq 64 computers. Now we look at today, it’s absolutely incredible where technology has taken us.  Where technology will go from here… no one knows, and I think that is the exciting part.  Who thought we would be able to social network the way we do now on the web. 

 Today I showed my students the link to their story we created on voicethread.  Their first words out of their mouth were: “I’m on the web!”  When I clicked on our class blog page and they saw the title page, they were ecstatic.  There was absolute silence while I played the story. They just couldn’t believe that they could hear and see their picture on the web.  I think they now believe they are famous :)!!!


5 Responses to “History of Technology and Voice Thread Part 3”

  1. Connie Cossar Says:

    That’s so awesome, Leah!! The power of the Net 🙂

  2. tammysillers Says:

    Leah…well done with the voicethread! They were charming! I know of at least a couple of our Grade 1 teachers that have set up web cams in their classrooms, for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is to capture student reflections about their own learning. It’s pretty difficult for Grade 1 students to journal/blog/write about their learning journey – but they certainly can talk about it! One colleague recently shared that her students now go to the web cam themselves, without her prompting, if they want to share. Isn’t that cool?? Of course the opportunity to be seen on the world wide web certainly helps also!!
    I can’t wait to see more of your journey with Voicethread…good luck!

  3. Rosanne Says:

    That’s great. I can’t wait to start using it with some of my classes. I’m sure a few of my students will have the same reaction as yours. Good for you for diving in there!

  4. Ed 831 Says:

    I have never experienced something more motivational for students than technology. It certainly has an ugly side, but it’s use in the classroom is awesome.

  5. Angie Balkwill Says:

    How empowering for your students. Your excitement for something new mixed with their enthusiasm must have been a pure recipe for success.

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