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Voicethread January 25, 2008

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Today I started the process of Voicethread in my classroom.  It was a pretty exciting time for us.  The students had written a class story and instead of just laminating it, and placing in the bin of, I took a picture of each of the students work and uploaded it to voicethread.  The upload went fine, however I needed to delete some slides and as simple as is sounds….. I was totally blind and couldn’t figure it out for the longest time.  I did end up finding the little trash can that I was totally oblivious too in the beginning.  I find some of these programs are so easy to use, yet so complicated at the same time.

The kids started using the microphone, I got through about 8 of them…. 11 more to go.  They thought the microphone was the neatest thing.  I think they just liked the part where they could hear the playback of their voice.  A lot of giggles came out of this session.  I will finish tomorrow… if all goes well I will post the show soon. 

I have also created another blog for my class, where I am going to post this story and others that will follow. I think parents will truly enjoy hearing their child read and seeing some of their work 🙂


One Response to “Voicethread”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    Good for you! I keep thinking about using Voicethread but I admit I am afraid that things will not go well. I am developing a unit to start Semester II with that deals primarily with diversity (acceptance, racism, etc.). I’m hoping to give students disposable cameras to capture pictures that, in their opinions, demonstrate diversity and acceptance and one of the projects will be to put something together in Voicethread. I will still have to demonstrate what to do. What problems did you encounter when presenting this to your students?

    I look forward to seeing the work you and your class have produced.

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