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Issues of Facebook January 22, 2008

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In regards to Connie Cossar’s post “The Social Web”:

I, too signed up to facebook to keep in touch with friends.  I have taught overseas, and we all thought this was a great way to stay in touch with one another.  How I found out about facebook was actually through one of the high-school students I had coached basketball.  I told her of my leaving and she immediately responded… “sign up for facebook!!” How do these students find out about these sites? I always feel as though I am one step behind them.

Has facebook gone too far?  While I was in Toronto I heard on the news, that friends of the girl who was murdered on New Years Day had posted the name of the suspect in the case. Which was clearly against the law, as the suspect was under the age of 18. So where is the privacy?  I has also heard, that employers are actually snooping on Facebook to find out about people who they intend to hire? Where do we draw the line? 
In the article “MySpace Agrees to Lead Fight to Stop Sex Predators” http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/15/us/15myspace.html?ref=media
It was says that MySpace as well as Facebook have taken steps to “shield children from  online dangers.” But then again,where there is a will, there is a way. Kids always seem to be a step ahead.

As educators,  what can we do about this?  I feel out of the loop for most of these social networking sites.  I saw facebook as it was, a place to keep in touch, little did I know what was actually going on.  I feel as though educators and parents should be aware of these sites first before they are in the hands of our youth, so we are able to educate them and help them make the wise choices. 


2 Responses to “Issues of Facebook”

  1. Dean Miezianko Says:

    Leah, I am in the same position wondering how the kids find out about the new sites in what seems to be in a matter of minutes. My theory is this, being a teen has been and always will be about socializing. That is the backbone to the teenage years. Today’s technology is just another variable in the social life of a teenager. One thing you have to keep in mind is this. As educators I believe it is part of our job to stay on top of these social networking tools the best we can. The best way to do that is to talk to the kids. We can’t protect our students from all the negatives of social networking but we can provide wisdom from our experiences as a teen trying to survive in the social teen world to our current students. Hopefully we can help them handle or avoid difficult situations that they will ultimately find themselves in. Part of growing up is falling on your face once in awhile but when you fall it sure is nice if someone puts a mat down to cushion the fall.

  2. roadrunner Says:

    Hi Leah. Yes I agree that educating our students is a daunting task. I’m glad you included parents in this role. This is about the student’s whole life, and not just what happens at school. Teachers and parents need to work together to support children’s learning. It will be very difficult to “stay ahead” of our youth. I think the best we can do is to help them be knowledgeable consumers and participants. And “safe” looks very different in grade 1 than it does in grade 12.


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