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Thoughts January 17, 2008

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Jan 15th Thoughts


            Wow, where do I even begin.  I am still amazed with the all of the social networking programs that are available. I usually find one program that I enjoy working with, thinking that is has everything I need, and little do I know, I could step it up to a whole new level.  Adding features that I thought could never be possible.  I am excited to try out some new photo and video slide-shows. I have traveled to many countries in the last four years and would love to put together a slide-show of my favorite places. I am sure I could even start a new blog about crazy places people have been too.


            I was also having some doubts about what new programs could I use to enhance my teaching in the lower elementary classroom. After visiting the grade 1 blog, I now realized the potential and the usefulness that it could have in a lower elementary classroom.   It got me thinking that some of these new tools could bring pen pals to life.  I am currently pen pals with a classroom in Thailand, instead of waiting patiently for letters to arrive, we could send videos or as a matter fact anything and not have the wait time.  I believe during our session we brought up having students share their writing as a blog would be a benefit as it would make them feel proud of their accomplishments. I think it’s a great idea as they would get twice the readers/ and comments, and want to improve in their writing. It could even become a type of portfolio.


Jan 16th Thoughts


            I want to thank Alec for showing us around the different tools we are expected to use during this course. It was very helpful in the fact, I could visually see what is going on and when I went back to my own accounts, I could easily adjust or change the page.  It is a slow process, but I am becoming more excited everyday and I feel way more confident in using the programs than I did before J  I am also getting used to the tech “language.” Hopefully in my blogs I am using the vocabulary correctly.  If not, bare with me… this is a learning process.


4 Responses to “Thoughts”

  1. Laurie Gatzke Says:

    “It got me thinking that some of these new tools could bring penpals to life”. I have done a number of digital video projects with grades 1, 2, & 3. They learn fast and they love the technology. Way to go Leah. In my mind, you are doing one of the most important aspects of teaching; reflecting and thinking about new ways to address needs of your students and keep the learning process exciting.

  2. kwhobbes Says:

    Leah, I know that sharing with others via the video or audio is a great way to enhance any exchange. We don’t have any classes doing that but in working with the Horizon Project, using video really enhanced the interaction. I’m going to give VocieThread a try myself and see how it works with my staff. I think it would be a great option for younger students.

  3. angiebalkwill Says:

    Leah, I think that many of us have this fear of the unknown. However, we are always asking our students to be risk-takers. Maybe it’s our turn?

    On a personal note – did your dad use to be a teacher at Henry Braun?


  4. I have used Epals with many of my student with classes in other countries. I had never thought of video. I can see so many advantages and applications. Thanks!

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