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Cell Phones and Learning January 16, 2008

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I found an interesting article http://www.newsobserver.com/1595/story/873510.html.  I thought it fit with some of our discussions in the chat room about cell phones and school.  The school that I taught with in Thailand banned the use of cell phones due to students abusing and using it inappropriately.  However,  during the discussion tonight I then realized, if the students were taught how to use and when to use the phone appropriately, instead of banning it all together, would the problems still occur.  Of course it won’t eliminate the problems all together, but would it give the students that sense of responsiblity. I liked the way this teacher used the language of texting and connected it to teaching Shakespeare!!! Very creative!!!! We are always trying to teach students to make self-text connections, I thought this was a good way 🙂 

Any comments????


2 Responses to “Cell Phones and Learning”

  1. Connie Cossar Says:

    Thanks for the link to the story. It was very interesting how the views varied. I have to agree that I find some of today’s technologies are taking away from that personal interaction and I am wondering how it will affect how people interact when they are put into a social face-to-face interaction. As mentioned in the article, “you can end a conversation by not texting back.”

    You might be interested in this article that also speaks to how teachers are sometimes negatively reacting to technology use by their students:

    I don’t think banning is the answer though, because the students have not learnt anything from the experience then. We need to teach responsible use and give them appropriate opportunities to use these technological devices.

  2. roadrunner Says:

    We continue to work through these questions at our district. The topic was aired at a Board meeting last year (http://www.cbe.ab.ca/trustees/minutes/mins7feb6.pdf – scroll down to Trustee Inquiries). Our district is taking an open mind view to looking at the issue, except (and I would agree at this point) that connected devices of any kind are not allowed into exam rooms. Until assessment strategies evolve it is not fair to allow some students access.

    I also wanted to share the best conference experience I have had recently. We were encouraged to both search supporting materials/evidence and to participate in the conference blogs live during sessions. What a rich experience that was. I think the biggest challenge is for the presenter/facilitator to practice in that environment. And so that is what our teachers are facing as well.


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